10 Unique Google Maps Tricks You Must Try!

Google maps is one of the most frequently used navigation applications and is one of the most popular ones out there, Over the Years Google has transformed the Google maps application from just being a navigational application to one that can offer a variety of Information which includes Metro routes, Transit Information, Traffic Status & what not. While we are talking about this, we have assembled some Neat & Unique tricks that you can pull off using Google Maps. So here are 10 Unique tricks you can perform with Google Maps.

1] Search Nearby Places

If you are too lazy to search around your location by names? Don’t worry Google Maps is here for this, depending on your current location there also an option to explore nearby in the search Bar, however, it doesn’t come up in all places you will have to land up in a popular one to use this to your advantage

2] Sharing Locations

Sharing directions over the phone is really horrific but by Google’s Grace that’s all  passed now all you need to do is search for the root and tap share directions all from the Comfort of your House and even if anyone doesn’t have the application installed a detailed message will reach Him/Her describing in detail each turn that they need to take.

3] Measure Distance

Measure distance using Google maps is another one of Google Maps impressive features and this one lets you measure the distance between two points though it won’t give you the exact distance along the routes, you will be able to calculate how far two places are from each other.

4] Quick Search

The Quick search feature lets you know about the location details of any response ATM’s, pharmacies near your location,  tap on the search bar and you will get the search categories, in addition, the review and the distance from the current location are also detailed in the application. So Google maps have you covered when it comes to going that extra mile to know about a certain place.

5] Saving Offline Maps

Another interesting feature is saving offline maps, not all areas have good connectivity to internet especially when you are driving in a remote location in such situation depending solely on online maps can land you in big trouble, that’s where the offline maps come to your rescue to download the offline maps, tap on the offline area in the left panel and select the area and maps application will download that entire area for you which you can access anywhere.

6] Find Parking Spots

The rise in the number of cars lead to horrific traffic and parking problems but with google maps parking difficulty icon, you can have a heads up on the parking situation before you actually start your Journey, these parking difficulty icons may range from limited and medium to easy this data is put together with the help of historical parking data and Google in-house machine learning algorithm, all you have to do is plan your journey & the Information card at the bottom will reveal all the information

7] Review from Other Users

This is where your fellow google maps users will come in handy and you ask them any questions whether its a quick fact check or a genuine question, one of the common term used by everyone is “Google it” & now a similar feature has been integrated with Google Maps, So any question related to the place like opening time, payment method, exact location or the nearest landmark you can find it all here.

8] Track your Friends Location

We all know that WhatsApp has added this feature very recently but Google Maps also lets you track your friends live tracking, If your friend is coming to your place Google Maps will make tracking ETA much easier through the location sharing feature all they have to do is to tap on the sliding menu on the Left side & slelect Location sharing, users can share location for a period of 15 minutes or until 3 Days plus theres an option for turning it off manually as well as once done the link can be shared either through WhatsApp or any messaging application.

9] Book Cabs Directly from Google Maps

If you have Google Maps Application installed on your Smartphone you don’t need to install individual cab booking apps like OLA or Uber, previously Google Maps came bundled with Uber Cab Integration where you could book a cab from within the application, now the same functionality has been extended to OLA Cabs & Meru Cabs as well although in tad-scaled down version, to find the Cab Options tap on the Public Transport mode input your route and check the Phase & book your Cab.

10] Improved Public Transport

You can use Google Maps to plan your public transport as well, another India specific nifty feature is the integration of Metro routes in Google Maps available for Mumbai and Delhi Metro which lets you check out metro routes distance & Fare as well. To use this feature input your traveling details in the Meto or the Bus Mode this feature will only display the Metro Stations along with the stations where you need to switch over the lines along with the Time.

So this were 10 Unique & Interesting tricks that you can perform with Google Maps. Tell us your thoughts in the Comments section Below.





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